One of the most important features of the intellectual property after its creation and proper protection is also its ability to create added value for the products it is related to. There are various factors which have significant role in defining the intellectual property value such as market share, barriers to entry into specific business, remaining economic life of a product, growth projections, and specific industrial and economic factors in the business sector.

The need to make an intellectual property valuation or economic appraisal may arise at different time and for different reasons for your company – for buying or selling property, for establishing proper price of a certain product, in an infringement case for defining damage claims.


Pavlov & Co may offer you specific advice for your intellectual property valuation cases as follows:

- Needs and asset assessment of our clients’ intellectual property portfolio;

- Valuation in merger and acquisition negotiations and transactions;

- Valuation for the purposes of using intellectual property objects as objects of security or registered pledge in various

  litigation cases or financial transactions;

- Valuation for the purposes of selling or purchase of intellectual property objects (trademarks, industrial designs, inventions);

- Valuation in litigation processes – in infringement cases, for defining damage claims and real damages suffered.