Data protection

Scope of our services

Compliance with personal data protection legislation is facing an increasing numbers of challenges due to the fast development of the internet, social media, technology. Individuals’ demand for privacy is growing and so is the pressures for organizations to deal with new threats such as security breaches and loss of personal data. Organizations are faced with an ever changing legal framework and increasing law imposed fines for any breaches: data management and compliance is today a critical element in the corporate governance.

Our privacy and data protection team is best positioned to assist international organizations on all matters related to the compliance with national legislation and the Data Protection Directive [95/46/EEC].  We offer tailor-made, bespoke advice on policies and procedures that need to be implemented by organizations that process personal data.

Our services include: 


Data Security Assessment

Our team will help your organization in identifying and addressing the compliance risks and vulnerabilities of your organization: we offer advice on system and procedural requirements to minimize risk of data breaches and violation of applicable law.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

We provide a comprehensive and personalized assistance in the analysis and preparation of privacy policies to meet different requirements under all relevant personal data protection laws. We also offer full assistance in dealing with the relevant regulators and prepare prompt responses and actions to any potential data breaches.

Personal Data Removal and Subject Access Request

We offer legal advice to organization to adequately address personal data removal requests and subject access requests.

We also represent individuals with respect to personal data removal and/or subject access requests to data controllers including search engine platforms and data brokers. 

Notifications and permits

We deliver drafting and documentation services, including security policies, outsourcing contracts and employee engagements, to help organizations implement adequate legal compliance.