Copyright is one of the oldest branches of intellectual property and as such has evolved significantly, especially during the last decades. The lightning-fast development of technologies in the internet era, the ease of access and transmission of infromation and the almost "fully-digital" modern world are posing significant challenges for the protection of the rights of the authors and the holders of related rights.

A flexible approach is required to determine the best possible options for protection, depending on the type of object and the specific needs of each case. The same is valid for contracts for use of copyright objects that need to suit both the rightholder and the party that will be using the object.


Pavlov & Co can offer a full range of services in the field of copyright and related rights to best suit our client's needs, including:

- Integral analysis of the process of creating the copyright object and proposal of a suitable solution for its protection;

- Preparation of the needed contracts and documentation with the authors or the copyright holders for granting the right of use for

  the copyright object;

- Support in the negotiation process with the copyright holders for granting the right of use;

- Assistance in contacts with collective right management bodies;

- Registration of artistic group names.