WIPO statistics publication, IP Facts and Figures for 2012, statistic data for Bulgaria

Based on the statistic report on intellectual property activity worldwide issued by WIPO and published in the beginning of August 2012 there is growth in filing applications for patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs for the year of 2010 (the last year with complete information used for the report) compared to the filings in 2009. This is a good general indicator for the economic development. The same comparative figures were negative for the applications of patents and trademarks in 2009 compared to the year of 2008 when the economic crisis influenced the business sectors at different levels around the globe. It will be interesting to observe the trend in the next year report which will include information for filing activity in 2011 and possibly in 2012.

The report contains information on the performance of each country for their national filings and for the international applications as well. More details about each country may be found at the WIPO internet site where a complete statistics dating back to 1996 is presented.

The full report may be found at WIPO - IP Facts and Figures 2012

Statistic information about Bulgaria at the site of WIPO