Vasil Pavlov becomes the first Bulgarian awarded "Client Choice" for IP

Managing partner Vasil Pavlov became the first Bulgarian practitioner to be awarded the prestigious Client Choice Award in the area of Intellectual Property. He received his award on a ceremony held in London on February 19th, 2015. 

Vasil, who just a few weeks ago was also registered as a European Lawyer entitled to practice on the territory of England and Wales, received the esteemed prize following numerous positive reviews and appraisals by national and international clients, who note “exceptional ability to understand and solve complex trademark issues” and point out that “He has always proved himself as a very competent and well-prepared specialist, in line with the current practices in the field not only locally, but also internationally”. This makes the award even more valuable as it is a recognition not only by professionals, but also from those, whose interests he defends every day.