PAVLOV & CO team carries out destruction of counterfeits


The team of PAVLOV & CO successfully organized and carried out a major operation for destruction of counterfeit goods – its first since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Over 10 000 items, illegally branded with the trademarks of a world renowned apparel brand, that have been detained by Custom Office of Sofia during the course of several months, have been destroyed. Goods have been shredded in an industrial shredder and the remains – disposed of according to local ecological regulations by an authorized company.

Destruction procedures like this one are organized periodically by the anti-counterfeiting team of PAVLOV & CO and they complete the procedure that starts with the detaining of the goods by the Customs or other authorities. They would then notify PAVLOV & CO as representatives of the various brand owners and, following the completion of all procedures, goods have to be destroyed. It is an important result in the fight against counterfeits!